The Art Of Drying

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 We supply industrial drying solutions to Canada and the USA
Harter Chamber Dryer

We develop, design and manufacture drying systems for batch or continuous processing
to meet your specific requirements.

Before we do this, we determine the parameters for successful drying by trials in our in-house pilot plant station.

The basis for successful drying is a perfect combination of air dehumidification and air routeing.

Using low temperatures we pass extremely dry and thus unsaturated air exactly to the
place where it is supposed to absorb moisture.

We employ this process – our heat pump based condensation drying – in a variety of different types of systems.

Our food drying systems are made from stainless steel by default and can be cleaned in accordance with applicable food standards. GMP

Heat pump based condensation drying systems with its variants Airgenex Med and Airgenex Food use an alternative physical approach.

Extremely dry and, thus, unsaturated air is passed over the items to be dried absorbing
moisture in this process.

The air is stripped of the humidity it carries.

The humidity is condensed and drained off the system.

Subsequently, the cooled air is reheated and returned to be passed over the items to be dried

The drying process is always a closed circuit and, thus, independent of the environmental conditions.

Production and clean room environments are not affected.

If for example cannabis buds are not subjected to extraction but rather sold as-dried the situation is different.

With a residual water content of no more than 8 percent the buds would just begin to crumble upon transport.

To prevent this the drying system includes a special rehumidification unit which may be activated as required. When in operation, the unit will slightly rehumidify the surface of the
through-dried buds.

The rehumidification process is selected such that the buds will not deteriorate while on
their, sometimes long, way to their destination.

Gentle and Reliable Drying
Your product is a sensitive commodity requiring and deserving best treatment.
Product Quality

Gentle product treatment by drying at moderate variable temperatures


Drying parameters selected to meet quality requirements and maintain

product properties


Positive drying results in retention of
> aroma
> appearance

> bioactivity

> structural integrity

> nutritional integrity

Process Reliability

Complete control of drying parameters


Since the drying process is taking place in a completely enclosed eco-system

You are in charge of:


> Control and monitoring of parameters such as

Temperature, Humidity, Air-Flow

> Various programmes may be set to variate dehumidification

> Data may be analysed

Your ambient air is not affected and has no effect on the process

> Independence from climate
, no matter if your climate is humid or dry, the results are constant

> Reproducible processes
and homogeneous results throughout your drying batch